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ARLA Engineering

ARLA Maschinentechnik GmbH is a German company specialized in the development, building and selling of ARLA® Machine Products. Furthermore ARLA is specialist with a high reputation worldwide in offering a professional ARLA®-Engineering-Service which comprises the following items:

- Engineering & Simulation Service for drive systems as used in industrial applications to calculate, analyze and optimize torsional, lateral, and flexural vibrations. Typical applications are drivelines with electric motors, reciprocating engines with all auxiliary drives, couplings, clutches, gear boxes and various machines like generators, compressors, rollers, etc. ARLA's service is used in the R&D stage but also as support for condition monitoring and trouble shooting.

- Engineering & Simulation Service for drive systems as used in automotive applications to calculate, analyze and optimize torsional, lateral, and flexural vibrations in complete vehicle powertrains and drivelines. Typical applications: NVH optimization (NVH=noise-vibration- harshness), dynamic behavior of manual and automatic transmissions, universal and cardan shafts, gear noise, drive shafts, tire-road-contact, etc.

- Simulation Software as a single-user license and also as a network license for Windows 2000/XP. ARLA offers the following simulation software packages in close cooperation with the software deloping companies, such as:

  • SimulationX to simulate complete drive systems and drivelines (system analysis, calculation of natural frequencies and modes, Campbell diagram, simulation in the time-domain, special tools for the steady-state simulation)

  • ARMD to compute typical rotordynamic problems of drive shafts including the analysis of bearings (rolling-element & fluid-film bearings), torsional vibtrations, lateral vibrations

ARLA also uses own ARLA® Software Packages to support the customer engineering service.

- Training Courses, Seminars, Short Courses usually as customer courses. See the current training schedule for the software packages ITI-SIM, SimulationX, and ARMD on ARLA's homepage.

Numerous applications show that the customers appreciate ARLA's excellent reputation and engineering capabilities worldwide (see also the list of publications).

Furthermore ARLA offers Machine Tool Products (slides, spindles, workholding & clamping systems, endworking units). For these products ARLA uses a unique modular product structure with a maximum flexibility. More information …

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